Omen: a phenomenon or occurrence regarded as a sign of the future.

Hi there, I’m Brittany Brady. Born in the depths of Mississippi and currently residing in the city that will forever hold my heart – New Orleans. I enjoy being involved in the music scene, craft cocktails and being an eccentric foodcentric, having more knowledge of the NBA than the average male, learning from people of all walks of life, but most importantly – fashion. I began this blog as a way to express my personal foretelling or prediction of what is to come in the fashion industry. My aesthetic is monochromatic yet multidimensional… It is principled and serious, but also whimsical and fun – ranging from masculine to ultra-feminine energies. There are city-slicker elements and country-girl elements, contrasts and tensions that I find to be compelling.

Your time and willingness to support the monochrOmen is greatly appreciated. For potential business collaborations, questions or simply just to chat, please email me at

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