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The 2017 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, which took place over a 2-week period from April 28th – May 7th, is known for uniting people of all walks of life who share a common bond – music! With the festival falling in the transition between Spring and Summer, attendees came prepared for less than ideal weather conditions… Although temperatures were hot and humid, festival-goers still managed to look cool sporting 6 different fashion trends we picked up on:

jazz fest    jazz fest


With temperatures reaching the mid to upper 90s, the least amount of layers of clothing the better! Bodysuits were the perfect solution to looking fashionable without breaking a sweat… sort of. There were a wide variety in styles, from lace to crochet to mesh, paired mostly with cute denim cutoffs or trendy overalls.

jazz fest


Not only was rainbow hair a top trend at Jazz Fest, it’s becoming a staple when it comes to festival fashion nowadays. Not one color of the rainbow was absent this past weekend – some opting for a dip-dyed look while others sported full-on color from the root to tip!

jazz fest    jazz fest


Eclectic prints have always made a bold statement at Jazz Fest, despite one’s gender or age. In addition to the highly-popular watermelon print that makes an appearance every year, a wide range of floral prints were spotted on breathable dresses for the ladies.

jazz fest


Sunscreen can be a pain to constantly apply, so what better way to stay shielded from than sun than a festive, custom umbrella?!

jazz fest    jazz fest


When it comes to festival fashion, all-in-one attire is preferred due to its ease! Overalls were a go-to for Jazz Fest, making an appearance in a variety of lengths, colors and patterns.

jazz fest    jazz fest


My favorite trend spotted at Jazz Fest was the eclectic embroidery seen on denim, hats, backpacks, crop-tops, etc. Although wearing jeans in humid temperatures seems less than ideal, embroidered denim was highly popular amongst the more fashion-forward festival-goers!

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