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ISLAND INSPO | the monochrOmen


I’m sure it’s not a shock to anyone that I try and stay clear of the sunlight…Not because I’m a vampire. I’m VERY fair skinned due to my Irish blood! The only exceptions to keeping me from the beach are my sister (who is moving to LA) and a music festival. So when it came time to pack for Hangout Fest, which I attended a few weeks back, I realized I had nothing to bring!

In a time of panic, I can always count on United Apparel Liquidators to have something. UAL is a franchise that carries high-end merchandise at affordable prices. I’m talking 70-90% off! It is a blessing and a curse that one of their brick and mortar locations is walking distance from me. It was almost fate that the first thing I saw when I walked in the door was this straw skirt by Isabel Marant. I knew I could easily wear this with a swimsuit or leotard for the fest, but then also wear it with an oxford for a normal Summer look.

Not only did I score this skirt from UAL, but I snatched these studded booties by Saint Laurent a few months back. At work the girls always make fun of “kitten heels”, but I LOVE them – especially with a pointed toe.

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