jess leigh jewels

jess leigh jewels

jess leigh jewels

During my time spent as a Sales Manager for New Orleans’ definitive social magazine, I was fortunate to meet many movers and shakers that reside here – one of them being the beautiful Jess Leigh Gholston of Jess Leigh Jewels. Several years ago, I had scheduled a meeting with Jess over coffee to try and sell her advertising space within the magazine. What was originally supposed to be a “business meeting” became instantly bonding over our knack for changing hair colors, passion for dance and love of costume-making and Halloween!

If you live in New Orleans and are active in the music/arts culture here, Jess should be no stranger to you! You can often find her representing Jess Leigh Jewels with a booth set up at various music festivals and even the new Art Garage. Since starting her career as a professional jewelry artist in 2010, Jess’ unparalleled line has continually evolved with designs that reflect her vivacious, yet timeless style.

Although there have been HUNDREDS of pieces that I have loved from Jess Leigh Jewels, the Cosmos collection is definitely one of my favs. No different than any other girl, I was immediately attracted to the shiny cubic zirconia encrusting the center of the starburst pendant. The necklace measures 18″ long and is 24K gold-filled with moonstones to accent the pendant and clasp. I personally love wearing the earrings and necklace together, but what I love most is that you can easily pair with a basic tee or even cocktail attire!

Photography by Nina Celie

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