FRINGE! Why are we so obsessed with this trend?? Because it’s fabulous, of course, and makes wearing dresses fun. I wouldn’t go so far as to say fringe should be a staple in your closet, but it has definitely been a trend that has lingered around these past few seasons.

My personal advice when on the hunt for fringe apparel would be to look for a thicker material. Since this is a trend that has trickled down the fashion chain, you’re more likely to find it available in non-durable fabrics. This leads me to one of my MAIN FASHION RULES – INVEST IN DURABLE MERCHANDISE! This doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on designer brands at all! When out shopping, take the time to read the labels.. you’re better off spending a few extra dollars on something that will last, rather than wearing cheap fabric once or twice and tossing it.

Back to the statement fringe – I actually found this Phillip Lim dress thrift shopping at one of my favorite consignment stores in Los Angeles called Wasteland. If you’ve been to Wasteland, you know every visit is pretty much a jackpot. The dress itself is statement enough – I’ve worn it as cocktail with a pair of heels but also to an outdoor concert with some sneakers. This go around, I had to pull my Kate Bosworth for Matisse booties again that I’ve talked about in a previous post. It’s funny that a Fall 2016 trend is embellished boots, and Kate Bosworth beat it to the punch a year in advance! I really hope she decides to partner up with Matisse again for a new collection.. c’mon Kate!

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