So I’ll start off by saying that you’ll never catch my dad in a shimmery silk blouse… That would be odd. What I’m referring to by ‘dad shirt’ is the overall fit and structure of being oversized, buttoned-down with flap pockets. Growing up I used to steal my boyfriends’ oxfords because I loved the looser fit #truth. This is something I still look for today when shopping for blouses and L’Agence is my go-to. Although oversized, L’Agence still knows how to flatter a woman’s body by tailoring the sleeves and shoulders to a more slim fit.

For an everyday look, wear your ‘dad shirt’ with your ‘mom jeans’. I’m surprised I’m a huge fan of the mom jean. It’s usually a task for me to find jeans that fit right because I have hips yet small legs – and I typically like my jeans skin-tight. I always thought this was a trend that wouldn’t agree with me until I decided to give this pair a shot at American Apparel… INSERT ANGELIC CHOIR SINGING. I am now obsessed. What I like most is that they’re high-waisted and hug my hips tight, making someone like me who’s lacking the appropriate junk feel like Kim Kardashian.

To feel like a real boss lady, I wore these pink sparkly Manolo pumps that I treated myself to this past Christmas. When I first laid eyes on these shoes I immediately thought of Barbie, which I kind of hate and love at the same time 🙂

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