slip dress

slip dress

slip dress

slip dress

slip dress

When it comes down to your wardrobe essentials, it’s pretty standard to include a good fitting pair of dark wash jeans, simple white tee, button-down silk blouse, black dress pants and a leather jacket. If you were to ask me today what I consider the most necessary, my first answer would be a slip dress. My reasoning behind this is because it is literally the MOST VERSATILE garment you can own, meaning you can wear it all sorts of ways. Some of the ways I like to wear this slip dress by Silence + Noise are:

-Over a collared blouse with elaborate sleeves, like a bell or bishop (pictured)

-Under a blazer, belted at the waist

-Over a vintage band tee

-As a tunic paired with a wide-leg pant

-Under a mini-skirt to look likeĀ a cami

-On it’s own with a nice pair of pumps as cocktail attire

If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, GET ON IT! Below I’ve picked out a few slip dresses I’m loving in a variety of lengths, colors, shapes, styles, etc.!

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