Nothing beats finding a great vintage store, which took me all of FOUR YEARS to locate in New Orleans! I remember exactly how it happened too… One day I was driving up and down Magazine Street visiting clients when I noticed this gorgeous vintage bridal gown in a window just past Jackson Street and literally hit my breaks mid-drive. I know this is not the safest thing for me to do, but that’s what happens when good vintage hits me – my heart literally drops. So if you’re ever on the hunt in New Orleans for gorgeous vintage pieces that really bring out your feminine side, go see my friend Leah who owns Century Girl Vintage. Even if you’re not looking to spend money, go visit her beautiful store which she’s transformed into the ultimate boudoir! I have snagged numerous pieces from Century Girl, but my favorite has definitely been these embroidered Oscar de la Renta silk pants.

In addition to Century Girl, (and I’ve mentioned this before) my go-to vintage store is Time Warp in Baton Rouge. I have been shopping with Josh, the hip boutique’s owner, for YEARS! I would even drive in from New Orleans for a day just to check out the new merchandise – and I’ve never left without a shopping bag in hand. I was honored to be chosen as their local spotlight for January, where I was asked questions about my personal style and how I translate the fashion world. To check out the feature, check out Time Warp’s Facebook HERE! The rhinestone lace top I’m wearing in this outfit was a steal I got from Time Warp years ago.

So thank you Leah and Josh for making my closet a much better place!

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